"Aq'Ab'Al" by Volahn who will be on tour this summer on the Necromantic Doom Returns tour with Mortuary Drape.

"I was taken to the ruins of our actual tribe," Ramirez says. "Our elders took me to the top of the temple there. As I stood atop the temple, I could see the whole valley where our people have lived for so many generations. It was a deep spiritual moment in my life, and it was where I came up with the name 'Volahn' for my music."

Through Volahn — a word he created and says means "ritual chaos" — Ramirez has created black-metal soundscapes that are both sprawling and caustic. He self-releases his records, along with those by other like-minded extreme-metal bands, through his label Crepúsculo Negro, also known as Black Twilight Circle.

For Ramirez, black metal is an appropriate conduit for spreading K'iche' culture. "Music was important for my ancestors and was part of every ritual they did, from going to war to having astrological ceremonies," he explains. "Black metal is really harsh and ritualistic music, so it was perfect for me."- LA weekly

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